‘Mother of Millions’ Kalanchoe

Succulents are not a new interest for interior and exterior interest. However, the Kalanchoe daigremontiana is an especially interesting succulent that is easy to care for and Mother of Millions plant- HDG Landscape Designeven fun to have for children.

Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Kalanchoe daigremontiana is also known by many as the Mother of Millions. There are several similar varieties known as Mother of Thousands or Alligator Plant. All are a bit different looking, however, they all have the exact same interest that has made them valuable to me.

These types of Kalanchoes produce small babies off of the leaves of the mother plant. The babies form about 4 leaves and roots before dropping off the mother plant and rooting themselves in the soil where they drop. You can pluck many of these babies before they fall or wait for them to begin rooting before moving them to another location.

I would recommend ordering this plant or a similar variety over the internet as they are particularly difficult to find. I rarely see them, but when I do they have been at small family owned nurseries, and they have just one or two available. Cuttings, bare root plants, and babies travel well in the mail and root easily which is why this is preferred for a quality plant from growers (many of which are in California).

Mother of Millions Babies - HDG Landscape Design