Award winning designs begin with a professional design company with a high level of knowledge and experience.

As a design company, we rely on great clients and great installation companies to expertly carry out our vision.

HDG Landscape Design has been fortunate enough to work with amazing companies in the Houston area, many of which have won design and installation awards while teaming up with HDG!

HDG’s Design for this Pool and Sunken Outdoor Living Area fit so seamlessly with the architecture of this unique home that it was featured in the 2021 American Institute of Architect’s AIA Houston Home Tour

2021 TNLA Silver Award Winner for Design. Installation by L3 Designs, Houston

2021 TNLA Bronze Award Winner for Design. Installation by L3 Designs, Houston


Charming Southern Retreat

HDG’s rustic “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” themed design was selected out of all other Houston area design firms for the DIY Yardcrashers show! During several months of the production process, HDG was responsible for all aspects of the design and communication including material selection & estimation, coordination with vendors and volunteers, on-site meetings with producers, site layout for installation, construction recommendations, and providing key information about the design and plants to the show host for “sound bites” during filming segments.

Get the “behind the scenes” look at how the show was created HERE!


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