Texas Star Hibiscus

Hibiscus coccineus, more often known as Texas Star Hibiscus, is a Texas ‘Super Star’ and perennial shrub many have not given a chance. You can expect this plant to reach Texas Star Hibiscus - HDG Landscape Designanywhere from 3′ to 8.’  This perennial dies back to the ground in the winter, grows from zone 6a to 11, and can withstand many of our winters in warmer climates.  Texas Star Hibiscus will come back in spring when temperatures warm up. The dark red petals resemble a 5 point star and are much larger and open compared to standard hibiscus.

Texas Star Hibiscus can handle full sun to part shade, flowering best in full sun from mid-summer to early fall.  Texas Star Hibiscus is known to handle drought conditions but can also handle quite a bit of water. Plant this perennial behind evergreen plants with plenty of room (about 4’) so that it is hidden when it dies back in winter.

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