How to Start Your Houston Garden

Homestead Gardening in the Texas Gulf Coast

Podcast E1 – November 2, 2021

This short, 16 minute episode is all about introducing you to your own property. In this podcast episode you will be given 4 tools you will need to start planning your garden today!

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Part 1: Find out your USDA Hardiness Zone

a. Look up a current 2020 Texas hardiness map (see map below)

b. Locate Your USDA Hardiness Zone. (Hint: for the Houston and surrounding areas, you are likely located in zone 8b or 9a OR a bit of both!)

c. Get picky & determine if your property has a microclimate. (Listen to the Episode 1 Podcast at minute 7:30)

Part 2: Which part of your property faces North?

Did you know you can take advantage of morning sun and afternoon shade to manipulate the health and longevity of your plants? (Listen to the Episode 1 Podcast at minute 8:45)

Part 3: Discover your area’s monthly and yearly rainfall.

Customize your weather data at

Part 4: Topography – How does your property slope?

(Listen to the Episode 1 Podcast at minute 11:00)

Lastly: Soil – It’s time for Soil Test!

Once you know the answers to parts 1-4, you know where you will locate your garden. So, now it’s time to test your soil! Even if you are just planting a tree, you still need to know about your soil!

Ready to Get Started?

After listening to Homestead Gardening in the Texas Gulf Coast Podcast E1: How to Start Your Houston Garden, are you committed to overcoming your hesitations and starting your home garden now? What other questions do you have for me?

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