Easy and Affordable Composting

Homestead Gardening in the Texas Gulf Coast

Podcast E2 – November 9, 2021

This short, 22 minute episode is an introduction to composting for new gardeners or gardeners who want to simplify and reduce their gardening chores. In this podcast episode I dispel typical composting myth and guide you to better composting ideas and strategies that are simple and affordable. Composting is a great addition to your home ornamental or edible garden in the Texas gulf coast and Houston area. With 12 growing months and 12 months of stress on plants, our gardens need regular installments of compost to support healthy roots, increase disease & pest resistance, improve soil texture, and increase beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil.

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Composting is Easy, but it’s even easier to add your composting materials to your planter instead of creating a separate compost pile.

Part 1: Pests will find your compost especially if you are composting the wrong way and offering critters and bugs a home to live in or forage in.

Part 2: What’s on the “no-no” list for composting.

It’s easier to focus on what you can’t compost than what you can compost, and a comprehensive list is given on the podcast. (Listen to the Episode 2 Podcast at minute 4:45) Just to complicate things, though, technically if you are willing to put in the time and effort into composting, you can compost everything on the no-no list, too, but this episode is titled “EASY and Affordable Composting” and is aimed at not scaring away beginners!

Part 3: Easy to Compost Organic Material

Let’s assume anything that didn’t make the no-no list will make it on the yes list. (Listen to the Episode 2 Podcast at minute 16:00)

Part 4: At the End of the Day, Purchasing is Okay, Too!

An organic garden has to start somewhere, and most people don’t have time to wait for compost to mature before getting their garden started, so I do have products and preferred vendors to purchase from showcased in Episodes 3 & 4 Podcast and YouTube.

Companion YouTube Episode

This week’s companion YouTube video follows along side this episode and adds in a visual component to show off my simplest composting technique that doesn’t require turning or purchasing materials. (Watch the YouTube Episode 2)

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