Fall Garden Chore List

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to prepare for winter, and I want to take the opportunity to coach you with a fall garden chore list!

I have over 20 chore ideas for you to do in the next 30-60 days! There are so many fall garden chores, but these are some that you don’t want to wait on!

In this week’s podcast I elaborate on this lengthy chore list and explain why you should do each activity! By learning the benefit of the chore, you are more likely to do it!


Read the summarized list below, and click the links to see the YouTube episodes associated with this solid chore list!

Garden Chore List – FALL

  • Wrap up Your Summer Harvest: Don’t wait until the last minute! Starting harvesting daily!
  • Clean Up Your Ornamental Garden and Rose Beds: remove debris that may contain pathogens or fungus, add compost, and re-mulch if you haven’t already
  • Clean Up and Cover Your “Resting” Vegetable Garden Beds: don’t leave a mess! Get these beds ready for spring now!
  • Don’t Over Mulch: Not every plant should be mulched. Avoid the dreaded tree volcano!
  • Remove 12 Month Old Tree Stakes: If you’re tree still needs stakes after 12 months, you have a big problem!
  • Cut Back Perennials: Wait until you are sure the top growth is dead, then cut them back
  • Prune Climbing Roses: Not all roses are pruned at the same time.
  • Prune Woody Ornamental Shrubs: Pruning plants at the right time is key to keeping them healthy.
  • Prune Shade and Ornamental Trees: The dormant period is ideal for large pruning projects to reduce the chances of pest and disease problems.
  • Make a Plan: Now is the time to sketch out your current garden plan, where plants are located that survived summer, which plants will be transplanted that need a better site location, and add new plants
  • Transplant Shrubs: late fall through winter is the best time to transplant woody shrubs
  • Plant Vegetable Transplants: cool season crops like strawberry and broccoli should be transplanted in the garden in late fall instead of started from seed because of Houston’s warm winter climate
  • Start Outdoor Seeds: Many cool season crops can benefit from the cool climate and can still be started from seed now or periodically sown throughout the winter
  • Start Indoor Seeds: Start more difficult to grow winter crops indoors from seed and plan to transplant outdoors in winter
  • Look Out for the First Frost of the Season: The first cold snap will catch you by surprise, so be on the lookout!
  • Store Tools and Unused Plastic Pots: There’s a right way and a wrong way to store your tools!
  • Bring in Tender Tropical or Xeriscape Potted Plants: These plants can struggle in temperatures above freezing but below 50 degrees. Move these in well before the first frost of the season to keep them healthy and happy
  • Add vegetable garden hoops to Beds and Prep Freeze Cloth: Freeze cloth is an option just for frost or freeze events, but be prepared if you want year-round harvesting
  • Start Your Garden Construction Projects: This is the slower gardening season of the year, so take advantage of the free time and add to your garden, do repairs, or start new unique projects
  • Plan and Execute a Hugelkultur Raised Bed or Mound: What to do with all the debris from tree trimming projects, leaf clean up, and extra boxes from buying holiday presents? Use them, don’t lose them!
  • Stock Up On Supplies: grab your dormant oil and copper fungicide for your fruit trees, look for discounts on end of summer gardening supplies like gloves, and so much more!
  • Become Your Community’s Compost King or Queen: Solicit Neighbors and Commercial Landscape Companies for More Composting Materials
  • Build a Larger Composting System: Have you tried a multi-bin system? Stay organized with this idea!

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