Texas Superstars


Many Texans have heard of the terms Texas ‘natives’ and ‘superstar’ plants for Texas but have no idea which plants they are referring to. The “Texas Superstar” plants are those that have been tested by researchers from Texas A&M University to see which varieties perform best in the extreme weather of Texas without regular care and the use of pesticides. The term “Texas Superstar” is a registered trademark of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension whose offices can be found throughout the state. Over 50 different plants, including trees, shrubs, vegetables and others, have been named as Texas Superstars. These plants are important additions to a landscape for any Texas gardener who wants hardy plants that will be able to survive in the Texas weather with minimal amounts of care  and pesticides. Go Texan is a helpful resource to people who are looking to use these plants in their landscapes, which lists the nurseries in many cities offering these hardy plants.

One Texas Superstar that every Texan should know is the Texas Bluebonnet, the Texas state flower, which can be seen growing wild throughout the state and are very attractive! Another very popular and very widely used Texas Superstar is the Knockout Rose which is seen frequently in commercial and residential landscapes throughout Texas because of their disease resistance and ability to bloom throughout an extended spring to fall season compared to other roses. Using Texas Superstars in your landscape is a good way to have an attractive landscape without too much hassle.

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Image: http://www.wildflower.org/gallery/result.php?id_image=19291

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