Roses: Pruning & Care

Homestead Gardening in the Texas Gulf Coast

Podcast E11 & YouTube – March 1, 2022

If you’re intimidated by roses, avoiding growing them in your home garden, this article is made for you.

By the way, did you know I have grown over 50 different types of roses? One of my favorite things to do is test roses in my personal 2 acre test garden so I can recommend the best varieties of roses to my clients based on their care giving ability, scent preferences, and specific location in the Houston and surrounding areas. This is why in this week’s episodes I am able to showcase the differing care giving techniques for a wide range of rose types.

This week’s Podcast episode will cover late winter and early spring pruning, and we’ll deep dive into pruning and caring for roses at this critical time of year.  For a visual aid to this podcast episode, you can watch me live prune and clean up the rose garden in this week’s YouTube Rose Pruning episode!

In case you missed the episode for this year, mark your calendar for next late winter/early spring to listen to again and use the techniques to prune and care for your roses. There is a range of “best time” to heavily prune your roses, and although I talk about this in the Podcast, most gardeners mark their calendar for February 14th to start pruning, but with so many roses in my garden, it may take me several weekends during one of the busiest designing seasons. So, I try to finish pruning before March 15th.

For those of you too impatient to watch or listen to these episodes, keep in mind that climbing roses, shrub roses, and drift roses are not all pruned in the same way or the same time. Trust me, you’ll save time by listening, watching, and learning so you don’t accidentally make a mistake that will take several months for your plants to recover from!

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