Reasons to Live in Houston – Spring – From a Gardening Perspective


Early spring is the perfect opportunity for fruit tree planting. Peaches, Loquat, Kiwi, Fig, Pomegranate, Blueberries, and more fruiting trees and shrubs are best planted in the early Spring to avoid the stresses of summer and winter on the plant before they are established.

Blackberries are in full bloom for weeks before fruiting. You can see this sea of large white blossoms along fences and throughout fields while driving around the suburbs. These wild berries are great for canning jams, jellies, and pie filling.

Once the blackberries begin to ripen, it is time to plant late spring and early summer vegetables. Begin with basil, peppers, eggplant, corn, and okra then add your vines including watermelon, pumpkin, and cucumber. Give your vines plenty of room to grow (or they will take over everything). It is always a good idea to consider planting a second set of all vegetable seeds 1 month later so that all of your produce does not ripen at the same time. Peppers and okra can be particularly difficult to start from seed, and sometimes it is easier to start the seeds indoors.

Blackberry Flower - HDG Landscape Design

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