The Radish

Radish - HDG Landscape Design
For Kids – The radish is another fast germinating and fast growing vegetable taking only 22-30 days to mature depending on the variety. The fast germination of these plants is a quick reward for your child’s effort to start their own garden, and the bright interesting root will quickly begin to show which tells your child they are almost ready. These small plants still may look like weeds after germinating for 7-10 days, but they will soon show the obvious radish root while the foliage clears the height of other similar looking weeds. Radishes may not be a usual favorite to eat raw; however, this is a great vegetable to use raw in coleslaw or sliced into a stir-fry with other vegetables.

For the Garden – I prefer to start the radish outdoors, and directly sow them into the garden several times during their growing season. In climate zone 8a and south radish seeds can be sown through a majority of the year and even somewhat out of season. They can be planted relatively close together (about 2”-3” apart) compared to other root vegetables. Make sure that plants receive plenty of light during the day. It is always best to water plants in the morning, so make the effort to water gardens before starting your day.