Today let’s talk about a flowering plant that is native to the tropical Americas. The Purple Training Lantana and New Gold Lantana, or Lantana montevidensis and Lantana x ‘New Gold’ respectively, are outstanding examples of the Lantana family. The Purple Training flourishes in USDA Zones 8-10, while the New Gold does best in USDA Zones 10-11. Both of these plants like to be in full to part sun. However, full sun will result in the best blooms!

While these have some visual similarities, they also vary quite a bit. The Purple Trailing is larger in size growing to 1’-2’ tall and 3’-5’ wide. In addition, there are a few varieties that can come in under 3’ in width. The New Gold, on the other hand, grows to 1’-1.5’ tall and 1.5’-2’ tall on average.

When it comes to looks, the Purple Training brings fragrant, coarse-toothed, slightly-hairy, dark green foliage filled with year-round purple blooms. The New Gold has a showy presentation with its yellow blooms from spring through summer in most climates. In frost free regions, it can bloom all year round as well. Both of these variants attract butterflies and are deer tolerant.

And when it comes to maintenance, both are considered very easy to plant and flourish. Once established, the New Gold is heat loving and only requires occasional watering. The Purple Training is considered strong at handling coastal exposure, wind, extreme heat/drought, all soil types and Ph. Overall, it’s clear that both of these are an easy choice for adding color to your outdoors. And if you aren’t a fan of purple or yellow, have no fear. There are about 150 different species of Lantana. Needless to say, these will have you covered no matter what your favorite color may be.

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