Hiring A Designer

Photo by Texas A&M University Faculty/Staff

Photo by Texas A&M University Faculty/Staff

There are many types of landscape designers and companies offering design services.  Each company has different goals and approaches to design. Determine what your goals are, what design services are most valuable to you, and pick a design company you trust. Look on the company’s website for a description of the designer’s background you will be working with to help you determine if the designer will be a good fit for you. Most companies that offer both design and installation services (design-build firms) do not have the designer overseeing the installation, so be prepared to work with a salesperson and a crew leader for each part of the process from design to installation. (This is a normal and efficient practice, and companies that operate efficiently will offer a fair price for their services.) It is this type of common practice that makes it easy to use a design exclusive company (like HDG Landscape Design) to design your project first and work with a contractor of your choice without feeling beholden to the company that created your plan.

If you are looking for just a spruce up with seasonal or perennial flowers or the addition of up to 25 shrubs, then working with your local nursery is a FREE opportunity to receive one-on-one assistance.


If you have a low budget for installation (see Hiring an Installer), then consider designers that can be found remotely online. This will keep your design costs lower so as to not take away from your installation budget. Easy Landscape Plan, for example, offers a wide range of services, but they reduce their design fees by removing extras such as phone meetings and on-site meetings. Did you know almost all commercial properties are designed by professional Landscape Architects before the site is even built? These professionals use their experience and excellent plant knowledge to design without visiting a site. The Easy Landscape Plan team has the same professional design abilities, degrees, licenses, and the experience to do the same for residential properties. It’s a simple process that is a perfect fit for DIY projects like The Sherman Residence in Austin, Texas. Designing with a remote designer starts at $250.


If you have a lofty or long-term budget for installation and require a professional set of plans with experience and knowledge to match, then HDG Landscape Design might be the right fit for you.  Although we offer our services to any property size and budget, multi-acre, remotely located properties, large scale installations, or phased designs requiring excellent site planning are among our specialties. Working one-on-one with our Lead Designer may cost you 3%-5% of your long-term installation costs (see Hiring an Installer).



If you are looking for a company that offers both design and installation services (design-build firms), then reference our link below (Hiring an Installer).

Check out our links below to get a better understanding of costs, hiring installation professionals, and DIY.

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